Fordy's roundup party!

His favorite movie is Toy Story, all of the Toy Story movies actually. And he especially LOVES Woody. So, this was his "woody party". It started with that, and it became Fordy's Roundup. 

This party was fully Woody inspired. I zoned in on Toy Story 2; the story of Woody's roundup. I also fixated on the idea of a midway carnival, like the ride at California Adventure. 
When all was said and done I was completely in love with the outcome!

The guests were greeted with an opportunity to gear up in Woody attire.

The kids were also given tickets to use at Fordy's midway carnival

Devon and I made all the games using mostly recycled materials. We wanted a really rusticy- vintage looking carnival, and I think it came out super cute! We stuck to the classic games; fishbowl toss, knock 'em down, ring toss, beanbag toss, and balloon pop (using sticky darts).

With their winning tickets the kids were able to visit "Al's Toy Barn" and cash in on some fun prizes!

I had the idea to let the kids make potato heads on their goodie bags, which I thought was a really clever idea. But, in all the party fun it was sort of lost in translation and a lot of the kids created more of a puppet-type potato head- which was adorable but not super practical for goodie bags. In retrospect, I would have offered another bag for their prizes so they could keep their puppets in tact. 

I was really happy with how adorable his cake turned out, especially because it was so simple!

For food there was no other option then PIZZA PLANET! This was a lot of fun to create.
I especially loved the little alien dudes ;)

And outside, we had a jolly jumper because... why not?! This has sort of become a tradition for the 2nd birthday. It's kind of that age when the kids really want to play in the jumper, but they are still a little too small to go in at other parties. So, they get one at their party and they can play in it all day- and that's exactly what he did!

We ate pizza. We played carnival games. We jumped, jumped, and jumped some more. 
This party was just so much fun! It was really casual, and laid back. The weather was great. The party guests were great. We just had a really good time, and our little buckaroo had a great party day!

I can't believe this guy is two! 
Thank you for joining us in celebrating him, and making his party such a success!
We missed those of you who couldn't be there, and hope this post helps you feel a little included!