Ella Leigh This is Five! Tour {5th birthday party}

I have a five year old! That statement never gets easier to say. 
My five year old has ALWAYS been a performer. So it was no surprise that she wanted to have a superstar party. Well, it started with "I want a Justin Bieber party!" then, "I want a Katy Perry party!" and ultimately she landed on the theme of pitch perfect (which I was completely stumped on how to turn into a party appropriate for a 5 year old). We sort of stirred all those ideas together and out came the party below :)

 Invitations went out as VIP passes, with the party info on the back. I thought it was so cute that some of the girls showed up and handed me their passes. Maybe we should have had someone standing out front checking to see if they were on the list, hehe.

At the entrance we set up a pink carpet photo op. I created the backdrop in photoshop and printed out huge copies at stapes. Worked perfectly.
We had fun posing for the paparazzi!
We also had a little autograph station for the kids to leave Ella little birthday wishes.
I just couldn't resist wrapping her gift in this Justin Biber paper, haha!

I felt that the decor sort of fell flat this party, and I blame the flu! I had all these ideas and intentions that were supposed to come to life the week of her party.
Then I was knocked on my back with the nastiest flu ever! Yuck. I am amazed her party even happened at all with how sick we all started out the week.
I had to scrap so many plans- like making her cake as I usually do. 

Originally we asked Ella what she wanted in her "VIP Lounge", but my energy was too shot from the flu to make everything we had planned.
We ended up just buying all the food. I guess sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! We had pizza, fruit, salad, and a bunch of little snacks and candy. 
I some how managed to make cake pops, so I guess I wasn't a complete bust! 

We got a bunch of fun hats, boas, and other accessories for the kids to glam up with. 
Ella picked the cool headset microphones for everyone- so much easier to dance AND sing with ;)

We also set up a little glam station where the kids could get glitter tattoos and hair chalk, SO fun! 
Ella was super excited about recording a song to include on the mix cds that we put in the "swag bags" for all her friends. I was impressed with her ability to learn all the words (we did have to edit the rap part though, haha). You can listen to that song HERE if you'd like.

Ella had SO much fun dancing and singing with all her friends. She was totally in her element, and we loved watching her and the other kids just laugh and entertain us all!

I'm totally still in denial that my little lady is 5 now. But, she is quite certainly the most amazing little 5 year old I know! I love her silly and charming personality. I love hearing her sweet little voice singing loudly all day long. I love watching her innovative dance moves. And I am so impressed with her ability to put it all together.
Never a dull moment with this girl!

We so love our little Ella Leigh!
Thank you for making her party so special, once again.
We love these times of celebration when we get to watch our kids have the time of their lives!
We thank you for sharing the day with us, 
and to those far away we hope this makes you feel a little like you were there!

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