Once upon a time there was a princess party.

someone asked me how long I'd been planning this party. In all honestly I responded, "since the day I found out I was having a girl!" The princess party. Oh, the princess party. My little lady has been wanting a princess party since her 2nd birthday [okay, okay that was only 2 years ago but still, in kid time that's a while]. I wanted to wait until I knew she could fully experience the princessness, until there was a chance she'd remember it, even if only glimpses of the day. 
I think four was the perfect time for the princess party.
The invites were a last minute, "I need to get them out like today!" kinda thing. They turned out so much cuter than I thought they would. Bonus, when I went to staples to print them the lady brought out this fabulous textured paper that really pulled it all together.

We filled the place with pink, and tulle, and sparkle! There were princess dresses, from Ella's collection, hung on the walls. Music from every Disney princess movie played in the background. The table was set with adorable place cards, and doilies under pink plates. I came across the cutest idea to use a child's bracelet as a napkin holder, on pinterest of course, so I incorporated that by using plastic pearl necklaces the I had originally planned to throw in the goodie bags-  I love things with multiple purposes! My grandma is an avid tea enthusiast, and she was generous {and brave} enough to lend us real china tea cups, and adorable little tea pots for the girls to use. They really completed the look too!

The girls arrived dressed in princess attire, which I just loved! Before tea time they decorated fancy princess party hats. They colored the walls of "Ella's enchanted castle". They read books in "Belle's storytime corner". And of course, the visited the "bibbidi bobbidi boutique" {a mimic of the one in Disneyland} where they had their hair & makeup done.

The girls found their place at the table and enjoyed yummy tea sandwiches, simple salads and fruit. I put out fruit teas, but my Ella was the only girl to actually request tea. That changed later in the day, after the sugar cubes were discovered.  I credit my tea loving grandma with Ella's unusual {for an American girl} knowledge of tea, it's very cute.

A party wouldn't be complete without games, in my opinion. I always loved that part of a party when I was a kid. The girls gathered around for a princess twist on the classic "hot potato"- pass the poisonous apple. Afterwards we played, "kiss the frog prince"- a game I created using cut outs of cute little frogs adorning crowns, one of which had a prince on the back. The girls all chose a frog, and held it in their hands until it was time to KISS them. After they kissed their frogs they flipped them over to reveal who's frog had turned into a prince. It worked out perfectly! Lastly, by Ella's request, we had an archery challenge- in honor of Brave of course! That was a lot of fun!

This was the first party that I left out one common little party guest- candy! I wasn't trying to, but it just didn't fit in. I wasn't feeling the love on a pinata, dainty tea cups and smashing just didn't mesh to me. And because I was already doing a sweets bar, I didn't feel right about adding a candy bar. It wasn't missed, in my opinion.

This was also the first year that I didn't personally make Ella's cake, that was a little sad to me. I put my focus on all the teeny little treats and just let Vons make her a small cake that we could stick a candle in for singing. Actually, I really loved that little Vons cake- the look, not so much the taste. Cinderella is my very favorite princess, and most of the time she is Ella's favorite too! A few of the girls joined Ella in devouring her little cake, while the others visited the dessert bar and indulged in tasty little mini treats. At the end of the party the girls pranced off with lovely little princess totes carrying fun little makeup kits, princess stickers and a ring pop- I guess I did sneak some candy in!
The day was so magical, it was so perfectly princess. I loved every moment.
Ella would live in that day forever if she could.

Parties are so special to me. Watching the kids smile, and laugh, and run excitedly from one activity to the next brings me so much joy!
Having family and friends come spend their day with us, celebrating our little lady, overwhelms my heart.
We are so blessed. I thank God every day for the wonderful people we have in our lives, and the opportunities we have to enjoy them.

With all our hearts we want to thank everyone that was able to attend, 
and those who sent their love from afar. 
We love you all!

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  1. Jill! You are such a wonderful mom! I can only imagine how excited your little Ella was! That's so neat and special! You are beautiful Jill, and your family is too!