fabulously four!

this post is long overdue, but "better late than never" seems to be my theme these days. I feel slightly justified, or excused, because I haven't had a break in special occasions in the past six months [no exaggerating]. Ella's birthday is the final shebang, for a while. Okay, on with the show...

My little lady is four. Her birthdays are always sentimental for me. Even now, though I've gotten over it, reflecting on her birthday is bring up my usual emotions. sigh. 
She had the best birthday! I think having your birthday fall on a Sunday is like the BEST deal. It always becomes a birthday weekend, and that is exactly what happened here. On Friday she had her [first ever] school party. She got to choose the lunch menu, and a treat: mac & cheese followed by cake AND ice cream. She was excited to bring treats to her friends. She was eager to finally be the birthday girl. She wore a tiara to school.

Saturday was her princess party. That post will follow shortly.

Sunday, her actual birthday, was HER day. After church, and an unexpected trip to Burbank to visit grandma Dorothy in the hospital, Ella got to direct the entire day. She wanted Mac & cheese for lunch, surprise, surprise. We stopped for lunch at Bucca di Beppo on our way back in to town. There was a toys "r" us in the same shopping center, and she had a gift card, so we perused the toys and allowed her to pick out something that she just had to have. She chose a princess Merida doll, her current favorite. I'm certain she loves her for her sense of adventure, and wild hair.

In the weeks leading up to her birthday Ella started asking if she could get her ears pierced. We had many, many, many talks about how it was going to hurt. We told her she'd have to be very brave. She was persistent, and insistent that she could handle it. So, after the toy store it was off to get her ears pieced. I had researched my way away from taking her to a mall piercer using a piercing gun, ya know the easy way- where they do both at once. I almost regretted my decision. Going to a professional body piercer is a much safer, cleaner way to pierce BUT, it's definitely less kid friendly. The lady was very sweet with Ella, she just had to go one at a time on the ears, and it's a little longer process. Ella deserves all the earrings she wants for braving through that. Of course there were tears, and like I said, there was a moment where I was wishing we had just gone to piercing pagoda and let them do both at once. I was certain she would not be getting back up on the bench to have the second ear done. Surprisingly, after a little reassuring, and an earring in daddy's ear, she climbed back up and allowed the lady to pierce the second ear. She's amazing. I was incredibly proud of her for facing her fear and braving though it. 

So, with a belly full of mac & cheese, a new princess doll, and blinging pierced ears, it was off to indulge in any birthday treat she wanted. Lucky me, she chose coldstone, mmmm I love ice cream!

It was such a great little Ella day. Sometimes you just have to put the entire focus on your child, and just say yes! to [almost] everything, that's what birthdays are for! 

Little lady is four now. It seems that four means non-stop talking. She's always been a talker but this, oh this is different. This is from the moment her eyes open in the morning until they close at night.  It's questions, and tons of "do you know what?!"s. Four is a new adventure, and I'm so thrilled to be experiencing it through this girl. She is my heart. She is incredible. She is sweet, and helpful, and silly, and loving, and carefree. She is independent, and strong willed, and way too smart for her own good. She is still my little performer, a natural born entertainer. She is insightful, and understanding. She is daddy's girl, and the most wonderful big sister in the world. She started our family, and she has lead us to an amazing place. 
happy birthday, my baby love.

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